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Alimony and your Rights in Florida- How to Negotiate a Fair Settlement Effectively

Alimony and your Rights in Florida- How to Negotiate a Fair Settlement Effectively

As is often the case, Divorces which drag on for long periods usually do so because of disagreement about the distribution of assets.

If you are planning on getting Divorced, or have already filed and are in the beginning of the process, there are some important points you should consider. A divorce decree will substantially affect your life for years to come- it is essential the distribution of your combined assets meets your expectations.

Florida follows the doctrine of Equitable Distribution, which can generally be described as a “fair” allocation of marital assets. However, Equitable does not mean “equal”, your family court judge will look for a distribution which is in the best interests of both parties. This concept is especially true when talking about alimony. Here are some things you can do to make sure the amount of alimony you get is proper: -Evidence- don’t rely on your ex to provide any evidence of your marital financial situation. Ensure you obtain effective records detailing both your current income, and the past assets acquired during the marriage.

-Write Down your Budget- A single person with a career will likely not need as much financial support as a student going back to school for his/her degree. Work with a professional or on your own to determine how much you will need to cover expenses for the next year.       -Plan for Alimony Long Term- Divorce is a transitional period which often requires a large amount of planning, unforeseen expenses, and new bills. A large payment up front may be nice in the short term but consideration should be given to your long term needs. You should think very carefully about what type of income you will generate on your own; in addition to the monthly alimony award you need to receive.       -Get the Help of a Florida Lawyer- One of the most important steps to consider is talking to a licensed Florida attorney about the distribution of assets in your divorce. An experienced attorney will have a deep knowledge of the justice system in your area and be able to help you in planning and attaining the money you deserve.

If you believe we can help, call 321-586-3866 to make an appointment or have a consultation over the phone. When you meet with us, we can help you understand the particular circumstance surrounding your issue and create an individualized plan to help you come to the best resolution possible. You can also visit our website: www.centralfloridalaw.netfor more information.

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