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Orlando Injuries from Mold Removal and Legal Options for the Central Florida resident

  1. In Orlando and surrounding city’s mold has always been a big problem. Black mold is especially harmful and can lead to some very debilitating conditions.

  2. Many mold-cleanup companies are of the highest caliber and address the contaminant with professionalism. However, some company’s do not perform the removal effectively and leave mold behind. The state of Florida now requires these company’s to be licensed and perform within objectively verifiable constraints.

  3. A violation of the state rules regarding mold removal can subject the company to liability. More importantly, the failure of a Company to adequately perform the mold removal could cause long-term illnesses for yourself and your family.

  4. If you believe you’ve been the victim of an unlicensed mold removal company you should contact an attorney immediately.

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