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Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer- How to Deal with a Hit-and-Run Accident.

In Florida, Hit-and-Run accidents occur frequently. Unfortunately, the injured party is sometimes left without recourse as the offender cannot be found. Whether you were involved in an accident where the other party left the scene, or are being accused of leaving the scene yourself, here are some helpful tips: -Be sure to provide your information and render aid. Florida law requires you provide your drivers license, name, address, and registration to the other party. Additionally, you must render aid (usually by calling ems) if the other party is injured. -you may not be held accountable for a hit-and-run accident in a small, limited number of situations. These include: lack of knowledge, and lack of awareness an accident occurred. Also, you will not be expected to render aid if you yourself are severely injured. If you believe we can help, call 321-586-3866 to make an appointment or have a consultation over the phone. When you meet with us, we can help you understand the particular circumstance surrounding your issue and create an individualized plan to help you come to the best resolution possible. You can also visit our website: for more information.

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