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“Playing Dirty” Violating Orlando Divorce Timesharing Plan During Coronavirus COVID 19

“Playing Dirty” Violating Orlando Divorce Timesharing Plan During Coronavirus COVID 19

Coronavirus has infiltrated Florida on a wide scale, affecting every facet of daily life. Yesterday, Governor Desantis issued a state-wide “stay at home” Order, restricting significant outside activity. Even before the Order was passed, some custodial parents were claiming they did not have to comply with their respective Parenting Plans due to Federal “social distancing” guidelines.

While every situation will be different, Parenting Plans which are part of a Final (or Temporary) Dissolution Order must be followed, even during the Pandemic. There is nothing- either through federal guidance or Florida’s own direction- which enables one parent to restrict or deny the other parent from their rightful timesharing. Of course, exigencies will apply which is why a family law attorney must look at the facts of each individual case.

Furthermore, the State Order makes a special provision for such visitation among family, mandating the “care of loved ones” will be a specifically protected activity (Executive Order 20-91 § 3(A)(iv)). Caring for your children is an inherent right: something essential to being a parent. This sets a very high bar indeed- something not easily overcome, even during worldwide upheaval.

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